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60 days repair/replacement warranty. Please read more about our warranty conditions HERE
1 year extended warranty (AU $178)
2 years extended warranty (AU $237)

Voltage standard

All appliances work with 220-240V/50Hz and can be used without any problem in Australia. We recommend to use a licensed electrician for installation.

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Expected dispatch time 2 working days, it is in stock! Air freight usually 5-8 working days.

Item price: AU $940
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Our total price: AU $1,686

AEG BP5013021M

inc. shipping, insurance, , taxes

AU $1,686


Pyroluxe® Plus multifunction oven, the ultimate in oven cleaning with built in cleaning reminder.

Impress the professionals!
Pyroluxe® Plus cleans thoroughly enough to impress the professionals; the self cleaning function heats the oven up to 500°C.

Perfectly cooked food, exactly when you want it
With its OptiSight timer that enables you to precisely monitor the cooking process, the MaxiKlasse™ oven helps you achieve perfect results every time.

Higher performance with our exclusive cooking technology
Our new exclusive ThermiC° Hot Air cooking technology ensures precise heat circulation and temperature control.

Perfect results through precise technology
Our MaxiKlasse™ ovens feature the core temperature sensor, taking the guesswork out of cooking.

Stay firmly in control of the progress of your dish
For instant feedback and greater control, use the OptiSight™ display. It enables you to plan ahead and program in a specific time for the oven to switch on or off.

The oven that stays cool to the touch
Thanks to its IsoFront® Top door, the outside of this oven door stays relatively cool to the touch, for a safe interaction under all circumstances.

Technical specifications

  • GRILL : Yes
  • SIZE : 594 x 594 x 567 mm
  • WEIGHT : 41 KG

* The product descriptions and accessories are based on the manufacturer specifications, it can change without any further notice at any time. We cannot take responsibility if changes occure, for further details please contact us.

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